Sam Hannaalla is a registered compounding pharmacist at Smith’s Pharmacy and Smith’s Pharmacy Integrated Medical Clinic in Vaughan Ontario. He has extensive knowledge and expertise with both allopathic and naturopathic healthcare. Additionally he has developed a unique expertise in compounding allowing greater abilities to provide optimal healthcare treatments and protocols. Sam has been accredited in many continuing educational programs certificates which include and are not limited to: First Line Therapy, Psychiatric Patient Care, Psoriasis Care, Methadone Education, Cardiovascular Patient Care, and Veterinary Medicine programs. Additionally he has received Certifications for Compounding from PCCA for Autism and Veterinary medicine. As a compounding pharmacist, Sam enjoys hands-on work in the dispensary working one-on-one with counseling patients about their medications and care. His passion and dedication in the complementary medicine provides him with tools to bring knowledge to his patients and students and offers well-rounded healthcare overall. Sam believes that such an approach “is the best combination of therapies for health maintenance and disease management.”