Introducing Smith’s Pharmacy – New and Improv(ing)

Hello to your health! It’s been some time since we last posted, so we decided to start off anew and introduce the new and improv(ing) Smith’s Pharmacy to you all!

We are halfway through 2018 (already?!) and we have some updates to share with you about the company that we are all very excited about! First and foremost, we are strengthening our online presence to better serve all of our wonderful customers and clients better.

We have been making updates to our website to make it easier to shop online as well as updating our inventory, so that you have more access to all the amazing products and supplements we carry. Along with that, our online pharmacy is becoming more user friendly, with the ability to order and refill prescriptions online. You can also still call in or come to the store, and we will be asking for your email so that you will get updates and keep track of when your shipment is arriving – talk about customer convenience!

Speaking of in-store, we are also renovating both our Yonge Street and Vaughn locations. Yonge street is expanding to serve you better and fit all of those additional amazing products we will be stocking. The pharmacy is getting a bigger space to up productivity and get you your prescriptions faster; and this way, there is also more space on the floor to host future events and floor demos we will have for you wonderful health enthusiasts!

For those of you whom frequent our Vaughn location, don’t worry, we haven’t forgotten about you. Both the Integrated Medical Clinic and Vaughn storefront are also getting revamped with a fresh look.  We are expanding the space to add in some more clinic rooms to see more patients, and the store will also be hosting some of those new products we keep mentioning!

Keep an eye on our social media platforms for more updates, events and promotions. Our new team is working to make sure you are all in the know about who we are, what we are doing, and where we are going. Won’t you join us?